Benefits of Using Natural Gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel produced from decomposing plants and animals that have been subjected to intense heat and pressure for millions of years under tons of rock and soil.

The process of getting natural gas out of the ground, and to its final destination to be used, is a complicated one. There is a great deal of behind-the-scenes activity that goes into delivering natural gas to your home, even though it takes only the flick of a switch to turn it on. The practice of locating natural gas and petroleum deposits has been transformed dramatically in the last 15 years with the advent of extremely advanced, ingenious technology. In the early days of the industry, the only way of locating underground petroleum and natural gas deposits was to search for surface evidence of these underground formations.

In recent times once a natural gas deposit has been located by a team of exploration geologists and geophysicists, it is up to a team of drilling experts to actually dig down to where the natural gas is thought to exist. Although the process of digging deep into the Earth’s crust to find deposits of natural gas that may or may not actually exist seems daunting, the industry has developed a number of innovations and techniques which both decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of drilling for natural gas. The advancement of technology has also contributed greatly to the increased efficiency and success rate for drilling natural gas wells.

Natural gas, as it exists underground, is not exactly the same as the natural gas that comes through the pipelines to our homes and businesses. Natural gas, as we use it, is almost entirely methane. Natural gas, as it is found underground can come associated with a variety of other compounds and gases, as well as oil and water, which must be removed. Natural gas transported through pipelines must meet purity specifications to be allowed into the pipeline, so most natural gas processing occurs near the well.

In many instances, natural gas produced from a particular well will have to travel a great distance to reach its point of use. The transportation system for natural gas consists of a complex network of pipelines, designed to quickly and efficiently transport natural gas from its origin, to areas of high natural gas demand.

The Benefits of Using Natural Gas in your Home

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Whether you are a gourmet cook or like burgers and hot dogs, you’ll find nothing compares to a natural gas barbecue. Enjoy the delicious flavor of barbecued foods without the hassle of tanks, coals, ashes or lighter fluid. Natural gas barbecues are safe, fast and easy to use. Extend your cooking season with a convenient natural gas barbecue.

Clothes Dryer
Imagine the time and energy you’d save if your dryer kept up with your washer, load for load! It’s possible with natural gas dryers. They offer faster drying than conventional electric units because a greater volume of dry, absorbent air passes through the clothes. Gentle, moist heat means less need for fabric softeners.

The Canadian market for natural gas fireplaces has experienced considerable growth in recent years due to increased consumer responsiveness to environmental, aesthetic, convenience and cost-savings needs. Natural gas fireplaces, in comparison with those which burn wood, substantially reduce air pollution and fuel costs. Many Canadians, in making the switch to natural gas fireplaces, have also eliminated the noxious gases and particulates often associated with the burning of wood, which can lead to eye irritations and damaged lung tissue. Convenient and easy to use, natural gas fireplaces can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch. There is no need to haul, split or store wood and because wood isn’t being burned, you don’t have to concern yourself with wood chips, bark, insects or ashes.

With home fireplaces turning to natural gas flames, it was only a matter of time before someone would turn the traditional Canadian campfire into a natural gas appliance. Natural gas campfires give you the opportunity to enjoy a campfire without leaving the city. The campfire can be installed on your deck or patio and you never need to chop wood. Simple to turn on and off, it gives the warmth and atmosphere of a campfire, with all the convenience of clean burning natural gas.

Natural gas high-efficiency furnaces offer cost and energy savings over oil, propane and electricity and the comfort and convenience of central heating.

Radiant Heaters
In the same way the sun warms the earth, radiant heaters are designed to warm your garage or workspace. This type of heating is ideal for garages, shops and any other locations where heat is needed in a specific area. Not only are they quiet, but they are also energy-efficient, running at 80% and over in combustion efficiency tests.

Now, more than ever, you can enjoy the charming glow of a natural gas lamp at your entry, deck, or pool … without the nuisance of insects. When used in the backyard, natural gas yard lamps provide ample illumination for a relaxing evening with friends or family. The best feature of a natural gas lamp is that it provides a warm golden glow (approx. 80 watts) as opposed to the bright light of electricity that tends to attract insects. No more swarms of bugs over the barbecue or flood of moths at your door.

Patio Heaters
Natural gas patio heaters, also known as deck or radiant heaters, take over where the sun leaves off, allowing you to enjoy more hours in comfort and warmth by the pool, spa, or on your deck. Natural gas patio heaters have elements that generate invisible infrared heat rays and then focus them down onto the ground and surrounding objects. The rays travel at the speed of light until they strike an object, warming surfaces directly. The surrounding air is also warmed, but more slowly by convection from the warmed surfaces.

Pool Heaters
Natural gas pool heaters increase your fun all year round, indoors and out. There are a variety of heaters for spas, hot tubs, and pools, including gas fired storage, instantaneous, circulating and immersion systems.

Natural gas ranges provide instant cooking heat and a flame which can be infinitely adjusted to meet a wide range of cooking needs. They are economical to use and come in a variety of sizes and styles with a number of options available to the purchaser.

Water Heaters
Natural gas water heaters will deliver all the hot water you want for your clothes washer, dishwasher, showers, bathtubs, sinks and faucets, when you need it. Natural gas water heaters heat your water three times as fast as an electric unit. Since no two families are alike, lifestyle and habits should be considered when estimating water heater needs. The best size will depend on the number and age of family members, how many dishes and clothes are washed and the number of bathrooms in the home.

Energy Saving Tips for your Home

Check out PNG’s new Energy Conservation and Innovation pages for tips and videos on how to make your home more comfortable, reduce your natural gas bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.